Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So the show that's been eating up all of my time, sleep and energy is finally up and running...and last night I got to sit on the couch and actually watch the whole show.

Wow. One forgets what an annoying pile of time suck that show is. Even when they finally have it down to an hour, it's much freaking filler and nonsense.

Here's what I walked away with.

More than ever, all the judges, with the execption of Simon, are completely useless. Randy actually told Adam that he was "one of the three hottest tonight, Dawg!" We're in the final three. How could he not be, you redundant pile of turd?

The "judges' choice" round is completely useless and probably detrimental to the finalists. Paula is so stuck in the 80's that she threw a brick at Danny's head by giving him a Terence Trent D'Arby song. She didn't even give him D'Arby's big hit "Wishing Well." Let's all agree that TTD was never a HUGE hit-making talent. He hit the Top 40 2 or 3 times...and that was pretty much the end of him.

The song blows, the vocal is fine and the dancing is horrendous. When backed into a D'Arby-equese corner, Gokey should go with his strengths instead of highlighting his horrible weaknesses (dancing.) Oof.

Randy/Kara getting pissed because Kris didn't "go acoustic" on their choice - mainly because that's what he had decided to do with his second song and WHY would you serve up the same flavor of pie twice? Playing piano for the first song and his guitar for the second was a SMART choice for Kris. But those morons are more concerned that their "vision" of the song got screwed. Sorry, Randy and're not the finalist. STFU. Kris miffs it with hitting that clanker of a note mid-song. But at lease it's

While I think Adam did a nice job with the U2 song, I could have done without the screaming in the middle and even less with the way he rolled his tongue out of his mouth to sing. Gah. Still, it wasn't about Adam's performance as much as it was about Simon picking THE GREATEST SONG EVER and CALLING THE BAND and SERVING THE OTHER JUDGES THEIR LIVERS ON A PLATTER.

It was all just boring and annoying.

That said, I think the finalists really kicked it up a knotch for the second round. They all choose good songs that fit their personalities. I think Danny knocked his vocal out of the park. I think Adam was...Adam. Honestly, they both did well with the song and delivery.

But, Kris got me to sit up and pay attention. Now, someone taking a rap or R&B song and breaking it down acoustically is far from new. Jonathan Coulton's been doing it forever. But, Kris took the ball and ran 80 yards to score the touchdown.

Before tonight, I thought it'd be a Gokey/Lambert final...but now...I really think Kris deserves a spot. I think the other two have better vocal instruments than Kris (by a lot), but when you have a less powerful instrument, but you have the ability to turn a song on it's ear like that?

Seriously. I've never downloaded an Idol song on Itunes...but I'm really considering that version of "Heartbreak."

Honestly...I think Gokey should go home. He has a great voice, but that boy is more boring than watching paint dry.