Thursday, February 19, 2009

prolonged suffering

Your life ebbs slowly away in each prolonged micro-second.
Micro-seconds that you can never get back.

The Group Sing is back. While they finally picked a song from this century, after Tuesday night's train wreck, this is like a slow-skidding, multiple vehicle crash on icy slick roads. Nobody gets injured, but there's a lot of bent fenders and broken tail lights.

I really hope that the other two groups are coming with more talent, because not only could the majority of these folks not sing well, there was a shocking lack of rhythm, musicality or stage presence.

I mean, Tatiana could barely walk across the stage while singing. I thought Casey might actually fall down. Yes, the choreography is 30x worse than a show at Six Flags, but you should be able to sway/bounce to the music. Walking. You should be able to walk in time with the song.

I'm not crazy. You should be able to at least walk, if you want a career as an entertainer.

It's like they were all (but for Danny) resigned to the idea that they blew chunks last night, and would not be stepping over to the safety of the silver retro chairs. They sang and "danced" the song without any energy, focus or...worst of

It was like watching a puppy in a full body cast...doped up so it won't run around and re-injure itself.

Alexis made it thru. I figured her for a wild card spot since she's the judge's darling, so she's not a huge surprise to make it thru. She "yeah-yeah-yeahed" her way thru a repeat performance. She's likable...but I'm not on the Alexis-train.

Michael Sarver was a bit of a surprise. Although, it was such a bad night overall, it really was anyone's game (besides Danny.) It was a bit of a gut punch that it was a "showdown" between him and Anoop. I'm holding out hope that Anoop makes it into one of the Wildcard slots.

Tatiana's shock and tears at losing against Danny was just more proof at her delusion. Even Vegas wouldn't take odds against Danny getting thru to the next round.

I'm kind of hoping that this is the last we'll have to worry about Tatiana...but reality shows love their drama and that girl is the psychotic tv meltdown equivalent to Howard Stern's radio show in the 90's. If they keep her on...even the viewers who hate her will tune in just to see if her head will actually explode. So, who knows?

One clarification from yesterday: Jackie wore some kind of bustier with her crazy belt/spandex ensemble during her performance...the puffy top was in her video/interview segment.

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