Thursday, February 12, 2009

test, one, two

Okay, kids.

Instead of emailing the long awaited Idol Rants, I'll be posting them here.

You can leave comments, or, if you're a bit more long winded (like myself) and are interested in posting on this blog, I think there's a way to make this a group blog. Lemme know and we'll see what we can do.

Feel free to forward this to fans and foes alike.

Now that they've announced the Top 36...I will be coming out of hibernation.

Next week.
See you then!


PeteySozay said...

I'm there! Will chime in later with my early projections for top 10 and what has got me STEAMIN' already. Welcome All!

rebar said...

Do you want access to post blog entries? I can make it happen...

You'll be able to post links and video and other stuff that way...

Lemme know.

PeteySozay said...

OK, hook me up yo.

Petecrest Out

rebar said...

You are hook-ed.

PeteySozay said...

The first 12 "performed" last night and they should just rename the show AMERICAN GOKEY because Danny Gokey has it won. Then they should take the American Gokey Tour Bus and use it to run over Tatiana repeatedly.

Or, she can just star in her own remake of AMERICAN PSYCHO.

That show was Painful. Ow.

Petecrest Out