Tuesday, March 17, 2009

this one goes to 11

So it's all over the interwebs that the "final four" have already been pre-ordained.

Uh...does this surprise anyone? Nope. When they announced the "Power of Veto" bullshit, you knew that this season, the producers were willing to do anything to "write" the ending they wanted.

It will be interesting to see how this drama plays out. While those four (Danny, Alexis, Adam, Lil) represent 3 of the top talents (I honestly think Allison is much more talented than Alexis), I wonder where "likability" comes into play.

The scenario where America votes to keep a Taylor Hicks, but boots a Daughtry.

Let's get it on.

SARVER - Lukewarm. Tepid. Mild. There is a discernable lack of "juice" coming from the "Rigger." I think his good 'ole boy days are numbered. Yeah, it's country week, but this was a weak performance, perhaps his weakest to date. Karaoke at best. I get the idea that he thinks a magic sprite will sprinkle him with fairy dust and then he'd wake up awesome. That he's somehow there to learn and be molded...when NO. This is your break. Either BRING IT, or get off the stage. Exit left.

ALLISON - I'll admit it. I'm bummed about Fancy. Bah. I'm over it. That said, I think she picked the wrong song. It seems to start way to low for her and she hangs onto it okay, but it's nothing super special. Maybe my bar is too high for Allison. Maybe (if she hits the bottom two tonight) she'll sing Fancy a'cappella and win that precious Veto! Thing is, this girl has it. Talent and a voice. She just needs to not be so very 16. (And yet, I adore her for being 16 and not being the 16 that Archuleta was - that annoying Disney-fied, pristine teen.)

KRIS - Takes on Garth Brooks. Really? Seriously? Ugh. His voice is nice, but I'm bored. BORED, I SAY! His cuteness will save him. For now.

LIL - For most of the song, Lil sounds fine. But, there's no punch. It's too subdued. Her heart isn't in the song. It's like she's just singing a bunch a words strung together...I don't believe her. I think she picked the wrong song. Or maybe she has the flu? She just didn't seem present during her performance. Her attempt to "be respectful" of the genre backfired. Simon's right. While I don't want her to sing Whitney, I wanted her to bring her R&B style and crack it open on some country. Mission Failed.

ADAM - File this performance under: WTF. You have to give it to Adam. He's consistant. He's crazy, but he's consistant. He's not country, he's never going to be country...he just needs to find his psychadelic glam hair band and he's all set. One again, Seabreeze is overly delighted by Adam, as the amount of gay that Adam is omitting is filling the entire theater and pouring out onto the boulevard. Which, once again, makes Seabreeze look as least at hetero as Danny Thomas, circa 1947.

SCOTT - I agree with Simon. This week was almost interchangable with last week in a good, but not great kind of way. And while the list was limited, I think the fact the Scott was all, "I lost the lottery and everyone else took the song I wanted" cry is problematic as an excuse. In a way, if you're all choosing the same 11 songs out of the 64 songs offered up? All that says to me is that you are completely limiting yourself and not even attempting to be creative...or an "artist." In that sense, you're just another fucking singer. And the world needs another Frank Sinatra like I need a hole in my head. If you get my drift. Be an artist, dammit!

ALEXIS - Once again, I think Alexis picks a song where she gets close, but gets no cigar. That note in the middle? Oof. Rough. I really don't understand why there's this idea that she's more talented than Allison. She's not. Maybe she's a bit less rough around the edges than Allison, but that's it. As "personality challenged" as Allison might be...at least she's not a brown nose with the judges...like some people we know.

JUST when I think we'll get through one show without someone going on about how "dirty" Alexis needs to make it...she brings it up herself in the wrap-up. ARG. You are not dirty. You wouldn't know dirty if you fell in the mud and rolled around in it, so STOP trying to force yourself into that mold, girl!

DANNY - Plays the Jesus card. Granted, it's Jesus Lite, but still...I'm concerned we're making the turnoff into Mandisaville. Vocal is great and full, but the performance comes off as a bit cheese covered. Also, what up with that outfit?

ANOOP - "From zero to hero." Wow. I have to say, that was really impressive. That is a classic nearly "untouchable" song and he really killed it. A definite improvement over last week's car crash of Beat It. For once, the mentor gives some sound advice (no pun intended) and tells him not to oversing it or add any crazy trills. Anoop takes this on and give a solid A+ performance.

MEGAN - I am well over the Megan Shimmy. And a bra-less shimmy? Oh yes. She went there. While I think the arrangement or her vocal was fun, the package deal of the shimmy/outfit/boob swing/vocal doesn't work. Flu schmoo. She better not get any sympathy votes. America, I'm looking at you.

MATT - Yes. I hate when he goes into his goat trill, but that seemed almost non-existant in this performance, to the point that I forget that's why I don't like him. What I do like is this performance. A lot. I personally think it's his best. Best of the night, by far.

Of course the reason that tonight is more important than any other night, is that whoever makes this round is going on tour. One unlucky mope is getting the axe. And that mope will be...Sarver. Or Megan (fingers crossed.) But, really? Sarver.

I'd say Scott...but I think he still has enough sympathy votes out there to keep him around...at least one more week.

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