Thursday, March 19, 2009

so long, farewell

I'm going to be directing a show this summer and had a production meeting last I missed the glorious group sing and had to read the results online this morning.

Reaction 1: WOOT! Alexis is gone! Woot! Now...I actually think she's more talented than Sarver and Megan, so it sucks that she's leaving before them, but I am so relieved in the knowing that I don't ever have to beat my brain in with a bat while watching A) her kiss up to the judges, B) the judges patting themselves on the back or C) anyone discussing her level of dirty-ness.

Reaction 2: Conspiracy! I now think that those producers are even more malicious than just your run of the mill puppeteers. I think that the top four will be Danny, Lil, Adam and ALLISON...(you ever notice how Allison and Alexis are pretty close name-wise?) and that the "nameless staffer" incorrectly identified Alexis as the fourth instead of Allison...on purpose! To throw us off the scent of their secret star chamber plans!

Follow this logic. They put out the "fake" news leak with Alexis as a sure thing for final four. They promote a "shocking" results show. Then axe Allison. In the intelligence biz, that's called a bait and switch.

Reaction 3: I really need to stop watching online episodes of MI-5 before bedtime.

So was it all just a big kerfuffle?
...or the first slow moves in an ongoing, predetermined chess game.

All shall be revealed, my friends. All shall be revealed.

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