Thursday, April 16, 2009

the Big snore

WHATever. They saved Matt.
This is just a half-assed attempt to stoke their mid-season ratings.

Two people will go home next week - how shocking! (in a completely unshocking way.) The best was when Simon gives Matt the good news that he's sticking around another week and in almost the same breath tells Matt how he (Simon) can't see him winning the brass ring anyway.

So the point of saving him was...huh? Wha?

Why does this show have to suck so much?
Why do we have to sit through 96% of suck to see 4% non-suck?

Bah. All this POV does is stall the inevitable. There is no way Matt is going to pull himself up enough to escape the bottom two next week. The only good news is that they can only pull this shit once and now, we can all put it behind us and never speak of it again.

Looking forward to Disco Week.
Sure. Disco sucks. In the best way possible.