Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hey...Anoop wasn't long for this contest...he really can't keep up with the likes of Adam and Kris, but Anoop going home before Matt? I call bullshit. This is why that power of veto thing is completely annoying. Let America vote they way they want, producers and judges.

Well, I'll be shocked if Matt makes it past next week.



PeteySozay said...

Hey what's with the Group Sing? - or shall I say ... The Group SYNC ? Talk about adding salt to the wound.

If I want to watch guys and girls lip syncing to some lame old musical shtik with pathetic dance moves better suited for trained monkeys, I'll watch the Brady Bunch rerun featuring the "Silver Platters".

We're gonne keep on - keep on - keep on - keep on -
dancin' all through the night!

It's a live performance show, what's with the Lame-o lip sync ?
Could they possibly put in LESS effort? Plus, the iTunes clips are studio recorded. They aren't even the performances from the live show! ROCKSTAR was still 1000x better & always true to the live performance.


- and what's with thawing out the dinosaurs each week ?
This is like Jurassic Idol now.

- and who cut the front out of Thelma Houston's dress, because I want them prosecuted to the full extent of the law, including the death penalty.

rebar said...

I'm tapping my toe at you.