Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 7

I haven't been blogging/posting the last couple weeks due to a recent illness and lack of interest in the internet. I have been watching and now I'm back, baby!

It's movie soundtrack night! I dig that Tarantino is the mentor. He really does have a huge respect for music and soundtracks - he takes songs and jettisons them into the strastophere by the way he'll use them in a film. So, for movie night? Perfect choice.

He also seems calmer than usual, which is nice. Sometimes he comes off a bit too hyperactive, so it's nice to see a steady demeanor from QT. I also enjoy watching him sit next to Seabreeze in the audience. QT is so giant in comparision to the dainty host, that it would not surprize me one iota if Tarantino were to unhinge his jaw and swallow Seabreeze whole like Cheez-It brand cracker.

Also, the fact that QT and Seabreeze share a love of all things Botox is making my head spin to places nobody should visit on a Tuesday night, sitting on their couch.

ALLISON - Solid delivery, but I don't know...it didn't really kick ass until the end...and something about her phrasing? It was good...but it's like she only took me half way there, you know?

ANOOP - Personally, I hate this song. So very dated. So very prom night. So very last dance at homecoming. It was very sweet, almost sacchrine for me. I really prefer last week's performance of "True Colors." Tonight, he's giving me a toothache and kinda boring me at the same time.

ADAM - I think this was Adam's worst night. Not that he didn't sound fine, but all the running and hip pumping and sneering? Blah. And I hate this song choice. How I wish Adam would break down and sing a Guns-N-Roses or Van Halen song. I suppose "Born to Be Wild" might be the closest thing to that...but, I don't know. Simon pretty much nailed it. He killed with the vocal, but the performance was like the goth version of "up with people" on crank.

You know, last week was such a solid week, maybe my expectations for this group have risen too high. Last week, I couldn't get enough of them. But this week...ehhh.

MATT - I have to admit. I'm a sucker for Bryan Adams. And then you have to bring in the string section? Okay. I liked it. No discernable goat. Nice arrangement, but he did hit a note or two that brought me back to reality. The thing is, what sells this really crappy love song (listen the the lyrics, they seriously blow), is Bryan Adams husky, raspy-throated delivery of it.

Matt is neither husky nor raspy, so it's just a crappy love song with a piano and a string section. He's been on the slab several times now...this performance will not save his bacon.

DANNY - Speaking of prom night...Mr. Danny Gokey! Endless Love? For real? For real? God. Just put a bullet in my head now...wait a minute. Holy crap. He finally took his glasses off! Will wonders never cease?

Call me crazy, but isn't this like the 3rd Lionel Ritchie song Danny's performed? I mean, he's got the chops, he kills the vocal...but his choice are so very "easy listening"...I am so effin' bored by Gokey. Say what you will about Adam being over the top, but at least he tries to put his stamp on his song choices.

As much as I couldn't stand The Douche, Simon was right about his willingness to take a Lionel Ritchie song and up-end it (or at least perform someone else's up-ending.) Gokey just doesn't get it. At all.

KRIS - OMG. I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH. OMG. OMG. I LOVE THIS SONG. This song should not be fucked with, Kris. It's such a simple melody and the power is in the it's simplicity. He had me and then he kinda lost me with his delivery. But mostly, he had me.

For folks who aren't familiar with "Falling Slowly," the power in that song is the build. You can't sell that ballad in 90 seconds. You need the full 4 minutes to deliver it. Points for picking a fucking OSCAR AWARD WINNING SONG THAT WAS WRITTEN IN THIS DECADE.

LIL - Dude. I have a huge weakness for gospel. I was hoping for a bit more Baptist, but it really was beautifully sung. I disagree with Simon. I think he has her in such a "Mary J. Blige" place in his perspective that he can't necessarily see the forest for the trees. I think it was maybe my favorite performance of Lil's.

On the block? Matt and either Lil or Anoop.
Going home? Matt.

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