Thursday, February 25, 2010

Results Night 02.25.10

You cannot run.
You cannot hide.
You cannot cut off your ears to save yourself from...


Gahf. After forcing all the Up With People songs over the years - from folks like Lionel Ritchie, Neil Sedaka, Gloria Estefan and Ray Stevens to name a's been a long time coming for the selection for the group sing to be something from someone as current as Estelle and Kayne (American Boy.)

Although, the arrangment and singing fuck it up as usual, so they might as well been singing something as milk toast as Everything is Beautiful. Gah.

And BONUS! I forgot that two from each group are going home tonight!

So Janell and Ashley are going home, which...Hey America, good job!

While I still think Lacey needs the boot - especially with that godawful outfit she's forcing upon the veiwers - I nonetheless bow to your call to send Ashley packing. I guess her performance was wrist-slashy enough to be sent home.

Two thumbs up.

Then the boys. Out of all the folks that got the hook tonight, I think he was actually the best singer, but still, completely forgettable. Sorry, Joe. Keep on, keepin' on.

At this point, it's really anyone's call...there are a lot of guys who half assed it last night. Am I surprised that Tyler got the boot before Jermaine, John or Alex? Eh. A little...but he really won't be missed.

So four down...working towards that Top 12 that make the tour (where the mediocre money and small amounts of fame lie.)

See you next week, kids!

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